Why Spousal Support Lawyer is Needed

Divorce is one of the most difficult things that a married couple have to go through whenever their marriage is already failing. Countless of reasons on why a happy marriage could lead to such break-up. There are a lot of paper works that needs to be done in order for the separation to be legal. Spousal Support Lawyer is also important during and after the divorce processing. Spousal support is needed because it is the law. supporting the other party is still part of the law and the agreement. And the length of this support depends on the agreed terms of both parties. And with the help of the support lawyer, everything will surely go easily and be able to process the divorce smoothly.

Purpose of Spousal Support Lawyers

The job of the lawyer is to help both parties agree to certain terms in order for the spousal support to be approved. It is also to get a fair judgment and in order for both parties to be able to live comfortably within the agreement of the spousal support. The support is offered to the other party that doesn’t have that much income. Or during the duration of the marriage, the certain spouse is dependent on their partner. It is basically a financial aid to the one who cannot support themselves. Or has a lower income than the other.

Kinds of Spousal Support

Temporary Spousal Support

Temporary Spousal Support is also known as the Pendente. Or in other words a pending support. It is basically a pending support until the agreement is already settled. It is awarded during the process of the divorce. The amount of the needed support to be given will be calculated properly by the court. This is a transition from the Temporary Spousal Support towards the Permanent Spousal Support. There is a lot of processes that need to consider. And a lot of factors that both parties need to look into. Money is one of the biggest factors in this kind of situation. The amount and the length of time given to continue to support the spouse.

Permanent Spousal Support

There are seven factors in order for the spousal support to be permanent:

-The duration of the marriage

-Supporting the standard of living that they both used to have

-Joint loan or debts that both parties have.

-The physical and mental condition of the spouse that needs support.

-Child custody agreement.

These are just a few of the things that need to be considered in order for the Permanent Spousal Support to be activated or valid. The right and experienced lawyer will be able to help you with your needs in order for you to avail this kind of a support. It takes a lot of time in order for the permanent spousal support to be approved. And it needs a lot of studying to make sure both parties will be able to agree on the terms.

Limitation of Factors of Agreement in Spousal Support

Everything in this world has its own expiration date. And with the spousal support, there are limitations. One of the limits is that when the party that is being supported remarries. The spousal support will be terminated because of the remarriage of the one being supported. Another one is that if the one being supported dies. The next one is when the given amount of time of support will expire. It is up to the one being supported to renew or not. And finally, the sudden change of situation. When the one supporting can no longer support because of financial reasons.

Financial support needs to be discussed. There are a lot of best divorce lawyers Alexandria VA that will be there to help you in any situation that you will be facing. Couples who are working on with their divorce will be facing different kinds of circumstances. It takes time and a lot of money for it to be finished. And financial support is required. This is given to the one who has a lower income or to the one who has the custody of the child. But there are limitations that you need to consider. And if the spousal support is approved, Everything will then flow smoothly

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