Spousal Support lawyer: Taking A Look At The Different Types Of Alimony In Virginia

Spousal Support lawyer

When you go through divorce you are required to pay alimony to your spouse. The decision on who pays alimony depends on a number of factors including: length of marriage, need and ability to pay and the 13 statutory factors. Just like there are many ways of skinning a cat, there are many types of alimony that you can pay.

To get the right type consult experienced alimony attorneys. If living in Virginia here are the various types of alimony that you will come across:

Permanent spousal support

While it’s termed as permanent, it doesn’t mean that you will receive or pay alimony forever—it has its limitations. You can no longer continue receiving alimony if the payor dies, you remarry or live with another person in a romantic relationship.

Permanent alimony can be adjusted upwards or downwards in the event of changes in the lives of the payor or receipient. If you are the recipient and get a higher paying job, the payor can petition the court to modify the alimony downwards.

On the other hand if you lose job or are demoted, you can petition the court to revise your amount upwards. Courts in Virginia also allow you to petition the court to revise the amount upwards if the payor gets a promotion at work.

If you are the recipient, spousal support lawyers recommend that you ask your spouse to carry a life insurance policy with you as the beneficially. This is to protect you from losing spousal support when the payor dies.

Rehabilitative alimony

This is a type of alimony where the payor gives the recipient a given amount of money every month in order to accomplish a specific goal. The goal can be a job training, job experience or education. This alimony is paid to make the recipient self reliant.

This type is said to be the easiest to negotiate and you can easily get it as a recipient if you show proof that when offered the money you will be able to increase your earning. To come up with a great agreement you should involve the input of an experienced family lawyer.

Temporary spousal support

Also known as pendent lite, this type of alimony is given to parties that are separated and are yet to finalize their divorce.


These are some of the main types of alimony in Virginia. As mentioned consult an experienced divorce lawyer for you to settle on the best type of divorce.

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