What You Need to Know about Child Support For Children with Special Needs

For most parents, having a child is one of the most exciting and most important milestones of their lives. A child can turn an adult’s life upside down and even make them more mature in general. Raising a child can be a metaphorical rollercoaster ride for every parent. It can be fun and fulfilling, yet challenging and exhausting at the same time.

If both parents decide to hire divorce lawyers and part ways for good, the children will be the first ones who will be directly affected by the decision. Following that major decision, the next thing the ex-couple needs to take care of is child custody and support. Worrying about the welfare of your child following a divorce is one thing. Worrying about your child with special needs is another thing.

Divorcing with a special needs child

For one thing, worrying about your special needs child following a divorce can already be a cause of anxiety and stress for both parents. Given that the child has “special” needs as compared to normal children, the ex-couple should discuss carefully how they will raise their child after a divorce. This is why it is a good idea to consult family lawyers regarding this matter.

A special needs child refers to children with health issues that need constant attention. This involves physical, mental, or emotional health concerns that plague the child regardless of how old or young he or she is. The court will decide on the action plans that the parents should comply with depending on the child’s condition.

For example, the court would focus on each parent’s homes and ensure that it is safe and accessible for their special needs child. Another instance may also include the court ensuring that the child is free from any kinds of stress and is well-taken care of. Having said that, the court will decide on how to deal with the child’s welfare depending on its specific health issues.

Child custody involving a special needs child

Taking care of a special needs child can be challenging – even stressful in some instances. This is something that can be a cause of conflict between divorcing spouses. However, this should also not be the time to pass up the responsibility of taking care of the child – which should both the parents’ responsibility in the first place. In such a case, it is a good idea to consult child support lawyers to settle this matter.

Usually, the court considers several factors that will determine the child’s best placement. Among these factors include the following:

  • Communication between the child and the parents
  • The parent’s capabilities in terms of taking care of the child financially, physically, medically, and emotionally
  • The child’s special needs including medical care, access to special equipment such as wheelchairs, and other specific instructions as per doctor
  • The child’s ease of access for his/her care providers
  • How the child can adapt to his/her new environment and domestic situation

In some instances, the child may be needed to have a special guardian present during court hearings. This is aside from the presence of the parents and family lawyers while on hearing. However, the court may decide if neither parent is capable of taking care of their child with special needs. That is why it is important to consult the best divorce lawyers who will provide advice and other legal services you will need in your case.

Other things to consider in child custody for a special needs child

Both parents should have the primary legal responsibility to support their children in all aspects of it, regardless of the child’s health condition. However, it will ultimately be the court’s decision which should favor the child’s welfare.  It is also important to hire child support lawyers to help you deal with the case.

Among support that should be provided to the child include expenses for his/her education, health and medication, food, and other daily needs. Even if the other parent is not awarded custody, he or she should still continue to provide all kinds of support until the child’s transition to adulthood. Support may also have to continue especially if the child is unable to support him/herself even in adulthood.


Taking care of a child can be challenging at some point. More so, the situation can be more complicated if yours is a special needs child. In the event of a divorce, the child’s welfare should be top of the list. In this case, you should hire the best divorce lawyers to help you deal with this situation. Contact top rated divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA for your legal concerns.

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What You Need to Know about High-Asset Divorce

No matter what the reason is for your divorce, one thing is certain: it can drain you financially and emotionally. A divorce can be more complicated if there are children, assets, and properties involved. The process can drag on for several months or even a year unless everything is settled between both of you. In such cases, it is advisable to hire top rated divorce lawyers to guide you through the divorce process from start to finish.

Divorce can either be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, a divorce is a legal way to get out of an abusive marriage. Divorce is also the last resort for couples who think there is no more “love” in their marriage anymore. On the other hand, it can be a curse especially for couples who are better off than others.

When we say they are better-off, it means the couple is wealthy. They may even have millions of dollars’ worth of investments, properties, and bank accounts. That said, a divorcing couple who have high net worth may undergo a more complicated divorce procedure. In such cases, high-asset divorce lawyers can help couples go through this kind of divorce.

What is a high-asset divorce?

In general, all divorcing couples undergo the complicated process of divorce regardless of their financial situation. However, a divorce can be more complicated if there are asset, property, and financial division that will be involved.

Understandably, both parties would not want to hand their physical and financial possessions that easily regardless of how they acquired it. That is why a high-asset divorce can cost you a lot since you may need to hire accountants and other financial experts to settle the divorce. This does not include the divorce lawyers fees yet.

That is why in a high-asset divorce, it is better to leave the financial and technical aspects of it to experienced family lawyers. As mentioned, a high-asset divorce can be more complicated than the usual types of divorce. It may involve various legal issues that are usually not present in low-asset types of divorces. Among these said issues may include:

  • Asset, property, and business division
  • Hidden assets
  • Negotiations regarding alimony and child support
  • Appraisal and revaluing current assets and properties

A high-asset divorce can be less complicated if you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse entered into a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements. These should indicate which among the assets and properties would belong to. Not having one can indeed make the divorce process complicated.

Things to avoid in a high-asset divorce

No newlywed couple would ever think of getting divorced soon enough. But in life, we cannot know what may happen for the next couple of years. And yes, divorce can happen when you least expect it. In such cases, it may be a good idea to hire spousal support lawyers.

Here are some things you should avoid when undergoing a high-asset divorce include the following.

Feeling guilty

Thinking about being a divorcee soon can make you feel ashamed and guilty. However, you should not feel that way. Instead, think of it positively and that it can change your life for the better.

Ignoring hidden assets

Your spouse may be hiding assets from you even when you are still married. For your peace of mind, you can hire an accountant, auditor, or other similar experts. Family lawyers can also help you with this.

Ignoring legal advice

You may tend to ignore advice from your friends and even your lawyer. Sure, your situation may be overwhelming you at this time. That is why it is recommended to heed on expert advice as they mostly know better.

Tips to remember when you are undergoing a high-asset divorce

Here are some tips you should remember when you are undergoing this kind of personal situation.

Have a signed pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, and other important agreements.

This is not because you are anticipating a divorce in the future. Rather, it is a way to protect your assets in case something happens to you or your spouse. After all, it’s not bad to prepare for the unforeseen future.

Identify all of your assets.

Make sure that you consolidate all of your assets such as jewelry, businesses, properties, and more. You can seek assistance from an experienced lawyer specializing in asset management.

Ensure privacy.

For your own safety, it is best to avoid exposing such sensitive information to the public during a divorce settlement.

Finding a high-asset attorney in your area

Hire the best divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA if you are considering a divorce. Contact one today.

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Is an Amicable Divorce Possible?


There are many reasons why couples divorce, among which the most common ones include money matters and infidelity. More often than not, these kinds of divorce can be a messy and even an emotional moment for the (soon-to-be-ex) couple. Hiring divorce lawyers at this point can be helpful to guide them through the entire divorce process.

However, not all divorces are due to financial issues or a cheating spouse. There are times wherein a couple realizes that love has gone and that they are better off leaving the marriage. Regardless of their reasons, divorce is something that all couples would never dream of happening ever in their entire married life. Yet, it still does happen in the least unexpected of times.

Amicable divorce: Is it possible?

A divorce can be more complicated if there are assets and properties and children involved. For one thing, it is recommended to consult child support lawyers to deal with matters related to child custody and financial support. If there are millions worth of properties and assets involved, you should hire high-asset lawyers to handle the case.

Despite all of these concerns, divorce can take a toll on the couple emotionally. As much as it may hurt, the decision should be made for everyone’s peace of mind. But with all the possible impact on the couple due to the impending divorce, the question remains:  it is possible to have an amicable divorce?

The truth about an amicable divorce

For the record, an amicable divorce is not in any way a jovial affair. As mentioned, divorce can be a mix of anger, sadness, anxiety, and other feelings but joy. For some, it can be a relief to be out from a toxic relationship; but having disputes over child support and asset and property distributions involved, it is another story.

While dealing with a divorce can be stressful, it is still possible to have an amicable divorce. However, this does not mean you have to feign cordiality with your ex-spouse while the divorce is ongoing. You also don’t have to force yourself to be friends with your ex-spouse after the divorce.  Simply put, an amicable divorce should be one that aims each spouse to be treated with dignity despite obvious conflict going on between the couple.

How to work for an amicable divorce

Working towards an amicable divorce can be hard – at least in the emotional aspect of it. You can hire the best divorce lawyers to ease the burden of dealing with a divorce. Consulting family lawyers is also one way to understand what you should expect of this life-changing decision that is divorce. Here are some ways to ease that emotional burden of undergoing a divorce.

Avoid the blame game.

Couples do not think about getting married only to divorce years later. But at some point, many of them do divorce in the end due to whatever reason they have. However, never blame your spouse or anyone else with the divorce. No one ever wanted it – it simply did not work and it’s better to move on, period.

Consider other people’s feelings, too.

In case you do not realize yet, you are not the only one who is affected by the divorce. Your spouse, children, and even your family will be affected, too. At some point, everyone around you will feel the impact of the divorce between you and your spouse. But you should also consider what they’re going through, too – compassion and empathy are the keys.

Be good to yourself.

Again, what happened is not your fault. No one wanted this to happen, but here you are and you have to deal with it. But this does not mean you have no right to move on and enjoy life. Turn to your friends, family, and your children and spend more time with them. Rediscover your past hobbies and learn the new things you’ve wanted to try for the longest time. Condition yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Remember, there is more to life than dwelling on your broken marriage.

Moving on after a divorce

Divorce is not a happy affair in life, to begin with. Also, this should not trigger ill feelings towards your ex-spouse. Most likely he or she is feeling the same as you are. After all, no one wants to end up divorced after years of blissful marriage.

But if divorce is the only solution, hiring divorce lawyers to help you with the divorce process is highly-recommended. Contact top rated divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA today for more details.

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Can You Remarry an Ex-Spouse?

Divorce sure is a common thing, especially in the US. However, remarrying your ex-spouse after being divorced from each other is another thing. For some reason, the last thing divorced ex-couples want is to be back in each other’s arms. Surely, they won’t spend time and resources in hiring the best divorce lawyers around.

However, a lot of ex-spouses end up remarrying each other. It does not only happen in movies because it happens in real life, too. In fact, some famous celebrities ended up remarrying their former spouses. These include the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Pamela Anderson, and Barbara Walters among a few.

Likewise, there are also ordinary people who decided to remarry their ex-spouse after years of being divorced. Some of them lived happily ever after, while others ended divorcing for a second time. The latter may have had to hire another divorce lawyers to end their marriage yet again. That said, you may ask yourself: If given a chance, will you consider remarrying your ex-spouse?

Facts about remarrying an ex-spouse

If you think about it, it is easy to say you can remarry your ex-spouse. However, you may have to look back at the reasons why you divorced in the first place. Then again, there may be some other factors that you have realized after the divorce. Among common reasons why remarriages happen may be due to the following:

  • You may have realized that divorcing your spouse should not have happened in the first place.
  • You still have feelings for your ex-spouse, and vice versa.
  • You have already forgiven each other and are willing to start over again.
  • Your family is still in good terms with your ex-spouse.

If you and your ex-spouse are considering to remarry, you may also consider these precautions. Surely, you would not want to hire spousal support lawyers and undergo a stressful divorce again. Also, remarrying means you are about to be one again as husband and wife and be committed to your marriage.

  • You should not rush into things and think about your decision carefully.
  • Expect to go through challenges that can affect your decision to remarry.
  • Consider seeing a marriage counselor.
  • Also, consider these facts: a remarriage may still fail. In fact, a report from Psychology Today mentioned that about 60 percent of remarriages end up failing. But this statistic should not discourage you – it’s both up to you to make your second chance work.

Legal aspects of remarrying you should also consider

When you first divorced, there are certain arrangements and agreements done that were deemed final. In a legal sense, most states allow remarrying the same person whom you have divorced. However, all of those agreements may change once you decided to remarry.

In such cases, you may have to consult family lawyers to settle the concerns. Here are other things you need to consider as well.

Child support, spousal support, and other post-divorce agreements

In the event that you both decided to get remarried, you should inform the court and agencies that handle your post-divorce agreements including child support and alimony. Ask for the requirements you will need to accomplish to nullify these divorce agreements once you remarry.

Financial agreements

Spousal support lawyers would often advise drafting a prenuptial agreement just in case your remarriage does not work. Such agreements will protect your finances as well as your assets and properties. Ask for the requirements you need to accomplish in case both of you agree to include your spouse in your life and health insurance policies.

Check your divorce documents

There may be instances wherein your divorce documents may be incomplete. You should also comply with necessary requirements to obtain a marriage license, including proof that you are both divorced from your most recent spouses. You can also consult family lawyers for more information.

Is there a waiting period before you remarry an ex-spouse?

The waiting period depends on the state you live. You can ask divorce lawyers or check with your respective marriage license office in your local area. In Virginia and West Virginia, there is no waiting periods before remarrying an ex-spouse. On the other hand, some states may require waiting up to six months before you can remarry your ex-spouse.

Ask legal experts about your remarriage concerns

Top rated divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA can help you settle your concerns should you decide to remarry your ex-spouse. Contact one today and it can be the second chance you and your ex-spouse may have been waiting for.

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What You Need to Know About Military Divorce

The last thing happy couples would like to think about is divorce. For one thing, it is a complicated process that couples would have to go through until all terms and conditions are settled. It can also cost hundreds – even thousands – of dollars just to complete the settlement. Moreover, it can cause stress not only between the couple but also their children and even other people around them.

Divorce lawyers can guide couples to go through the divorce process. It won’t be easy, but you can just trust the process as they say. The usual divorce settlements can already be stressful – more so if it takes longer for some reason. However, the case may be different in a military divorce.

In such cases, you should consult military divorce lawyers. They will help you understand what goes about military divorce. Moreover, you will learn how it can be different from civilian divorce. For one thing, military divorce usually involves additional legal matters.

All about military divorce

As mentioned, military and civilian divorce are different in terms of requirements and rules. For one, the former exclusively applies to US service men and women and their respective spouses in the event of a divorce. These conditions will affect various aspects of military divorce, including spousal and child support and asset and property distribution.

Federal and state laws both affect the decisions during a military divorce. On the other hand, civilian divorce can be dictated according to state laws only. For example, state laws may dictate how spousal support will be issued. You can ask spousal support lawyers for more information.

In a military divorce, you will be allowed to file at the specific state you and your spouse have a legal residence. More so, it is important to know about the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act or USFSPA. Federal laws may dictate the outcome of the military pension, but it will depend on where you will file the divorce. That is why you should know how the state, where you have filed the divorce, will handle the case including military pension.

What if the US serviceman/woman is on active duty by the time the divorce was filed?

Military and civilian divorce filing may be similar in some instances. For example, both should formally file a response to the divorce papers in a given period. Once the response has been received, the court will set a schedule regarding the next steps of the divorce process. Divorce lawyers will guide their clients with the said process.

In a military divorce, the schedule and other deadlines may be changed by the federal if one of the spouses is on deployment. This is in compliance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

In this law, a spouse that is on deployment or active duty will be allowed to request to delay the divorce case. It may be affected by their deployment which prevents them from appearing in court and responding to claims such as property division, child and spousal support.

The said request for a delay, also called a “stay”, will last at least 90 days or roughly three months. Extensions may be granted by the court with the assistance of military divorce lawyers. However, the delays will not be allowed forever and should be responded accordingly once the spouse gets back from active duty.

Legal rights of a divorced US serviceman/woman

Divorced servicemembers have their own rights when dealing with a divorce case. Here are some of their legal rights.

The right to receive legal assistance

There are free military legal assistance services offered by some of the top rated divorce lawyers. They can be provided mediation services, separate attorneys (one for the spouse and another for the servicemember), legal advice, and Notary services.

The right to receive compensations and other privileges

This is in accordance with the USFSPA law which applies as long as he or she meets the 20/20/20 rule (given that the ex-spouse remains unmarried):

  • 20 years of marriage after the divorce was filed
  • 20 years of military service (not necessarily retired)
  • 20 years of marriage during the servicemember’s retirement-creditable service.

The right for medical coverage (TRICARE)

The 20/20/15 rule may apply here, whereas:

  • 20 years of creditable service
  • 20 years of marriage
  • Marriage period overlapped service period by 15 years and above
  • Privilege to keep your identification card and continue to receive benefits until such time that the divorce is final

Finding military divorce attorneys

For more details about military divorce, or if you are planning to have one, contact the best divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA and avail a free consultation today.

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Commonly-Asked Questions About Child Support During a Divorce

Deciding to divorce can be one of the most heartbreaking decisions a couple has to make. Reasons may vary which have ultimately led to this life-changing decision. Some individuals may be more than happy to move away from their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. In such cases, you may need to hire one of the best divorce lawyers in your area.

A childless divorce can be easier and less complicated. On the other hand, divorcing couples with children on tow may take some time to be finalized. There are many things that need to be considered including child support. In such cases, it is recommended to hire child support lawyers to help you with the divorce process.

What is child support and how it works?

Child support refers to any kind of support given to a couple’s biological child or children. It applies to both married and unmarried couples. Primarily, child support involves monetary support that will be given for the child’s welfare. It will depend on the agreement between the couple with sound advice from hired top rated divorce lawyers.

Child support guidelines differ from state to state. However, there are common factors they rely on to determine child support as well as spousal support. Among these factors include the following:

  • The child(ren)’s age and specific needs such as education, healthcare, and others
  • Each parent’s average income
  • Amount of time the child(ren) spent with each parent
  • The family’s lifestyle prior to the divorce
  • Other factors that can affect one of the parent’s ability to pay for child support

A couple’s child support conditions can be indicated in a pre-nuptial or separation agreement. Family lawyers can also help divorcing couple come up with the terms of child support that both parties can agree upon. But if both couples cannot agree on the terms, the judge will be the one to decide on the terms of child support. It will be deemed final unless one of the couple objects, which means additional money and time spent.

When will child support last?

Child support involves providing financial support for the child in all aspects of his/her life. This includes giving money for the child’s education, healthcare, and other basic needs. However, child support can only be applicable until one of the following applies:

  • The child reaches beyond minor age of 18 (except when he or she is a “special needs” child)
  • The child was already legally adopted and parental rights dissolved
  • The child enters military service
  • The child, who is still considered a minor, is considered by the court as an adult due to his/her ability to support himself financially

Both of the parents are responsible for providing financial support to the child. This is regards whether there is joint custody or one of the parents is declared the child’s primary custodian. Family lawyers will help couples with this kind of situation and make sure the couple provides the support the child needs.

Marital status won’t make an impact on child support as long as both parents have acknowledged that the child is claimed as your own. Meanwhile, step-parents are not obliged to provide for child support unless he or she legally adopts the child, dissolving the biological parents’ parental rights.

Other FAQ’s about child support

The best divorce lawyers can help you with the run-throughs of the entire divorce process. Other than that, here are some FAQ’s that can help answer your questions about child support:

What if I am not sure whether I am the father of the child and the mother files for child support?

In such cases, the judge will order a paternity test as long as there is a request on your part. The judge will also decide who will pay for the test – which will either be paid by you, the mother, or the court.

How will I know if the child support amount is fair enough?

It will depend on several factors as previously mentioned. This includes the time the child spent with each parent, each parent’s income, and the child’s age, among a few. If one of the parents has no idea about the spouse’s income, the judge can request the other parent to provide proof of income such as pay stubs or tax returns to the court.

Can I change the child support amount?

Yes, you can. Simply file a Motion to Modify Child Support Order in case of a change in your financial situation.

What else do I need to know about child support?

For your concerns about child support during your divorce settlement, you can consult the best child support lawyers in Alexandria VA today.

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Is it Possible to Change Back to Your Maiden Name after a Divorce?

After getting married, the first thing a lot of newly-married women have to deal with is a change in surname. It may take some time for them to get used to their new surnames. Updating files and documents after getting married is another story. They also have to get used to seeing their marital status as “married” and the maiden surname indicated between the given name and the new surname.

It is a common question whether it is possible to revert to your maiden name following a divorce. Speaking of divorce, you can contact top rated divorce lawyers near you. It can be a tedious – stressful, even – process so you have to be prepared for that. The same may apply if you are planning for a name change after the divorce.

Changing surnames after a divorce

First of all, your ex-spouse won’t have a right to stop you from ditching his surname back to your maiden name. After all, it is your right to restore your surname back to your maiden name. Unless you chose to keep your name after your marriage then you won’t have to settle this particular problem. You can consult divorce lawyers regarding this concern.

However, it will depend on the court’s final decision. If the court allows you to do so, you can use a copy of that order as part of your documents to change your surname on important documents. This includes your driver’s license, passport, identification cards, and other government records.

On the contrary, some final divorce rulings may not include an order to change names. In such cases, you can use a form specially made for this purpose. You can still opt to revert to your maiden name using your birth certificate or an old passport. You can also consult divorce lawyers regarding this concern.

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether to keep your former spouse’s surname or revert to your maiden name. You can deal with this during or after the divorce settlement. However, it may be better to do it during the divorce proceedings instead, whichever works for you. Talk to top rated divorce lawyers to help you assist with this matter.

Can your child change surnames too?

This is another concern you have to consider because it can create a major impact on your child in the future. However, it will depend on your custody agreement as per child support lawyers.

For one, you can file a petition to change your child’s surname into yours if you are the primary custodian of the child(ren). It will be granted if the court deems it to be of the best interest for the child. The court may rule out a name change if the ex-spouse – the father of the child – remains committed to the child’s welfare after the divorce.

However, if the child has a strained relationship or even experience abuse from the father, it is most likely that the petition for a name change may be granted. On the other hand, the mothers who since remarried can also request to change their child’s surname after their stepfather’s surname.

More so, a child can initiate that request for a surname change as long as he/she has a great relationship with his/her stepfather. This procedure is referred to as “step-parent adoption”. It can be simpler than other forms of adoption. You can consult child support lawyers regarding the run-throughs of this name change legal procedure.

However, a name change in children (and the spouse) following a divorce should not affect the other party’s obligations as a parent. This includes alimony, child support, and visitation among a few. Spousal support lawyers and child support lawyers can help you deal with these during the divorce process.

Other things to consider before a name change

For one thing, you may be charged for an additional cost for a name change. However, it depends on the divorce agreement. If you are not sure, you can check with the court clerk where the divorce settlement took place.

Also, it is important that your decision for a name change is already final. Once the decision is final, you cannot revert to your ex-spouse’s surname. In addition, you would also have to take care of updating your identification documents such as passport and driver’s license. This process can take some of your time and money, so you should take note of that.

Finding the best divorce lawyers near you

If you are decided to get a divorce, you can hire experienced family lawyers in Alexandria VA. Contact one today and avail free consultation services from topnotch lawyers in the area.

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“My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Sign the Divorce Papers! What Should I Do?”

Getting a divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions couples would have to make. It can be due to several reasons, but heart-breaking at the same time. A divorce can also be a messy affair especially if there are properties and children involved. In such cases, it can be helpful to hire divorce lawyers to guide you on the complicated process of divorce.

The process can be more complicated if your spouse doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers. There can be possible reasons why the other spouse does not agree with the divorce. It may be because he or she does not want to divorce in the first place. Regardless, a divorce that is not mutually agreed upon can be one major cause of stress for the applicant.

Uncontested vs. Contested divorce

Most couples who file for divorce often hire divorce lawyers to make the process as quick as possible. However, there are many cases wherein the other spouse does not agree on the divorce. In the US, it is a right by a spouse to file a divorce despite the other’s objection. If this happens, you can consult family lawyers about your situation.

A contested divorce happens when one of the spouses is against the divorce. It may be due to several reasons. Nonetheless, a contested divorce can make the entire process more complicated than expected. However, a contested divorce can still be addressed by the Court depending on your location.

For one, many US states allow the spouse who filed the divorce to secure a “default divorce”. Likewise, petitioning spouses may also allow the divorce to go on and considered “uncontested”.

Contrary to contested divorce, uncontested divorce involves a mutual agreement between the spouses. This includes agreeing on different matters like child custody and alimony. In such cases, you can hire spousal support lawyers or child support lawyers to settle the matter properly.

It can also be possible that the spouse initially agreed with your divorce terms, but changed his or her mind later on. In the end, he or she won’t sign the papers. In such cases, some states may still consider this as an “uncontested” divorce.

Even if the other spouse does not show up in court, it will still be considered by the judge as an uncontested divorce. Then again, it depends on your location.

What is a default divorce?

Meanwhile, some states allow divorce petitioners to file a request for a default divorce. It occurs when the other spouse does not respond to your divorce petition within 30 days. It can also be applicable if the spouse cannot be contacted for some reason. However, this ruling may vary depending on the state.

When the other spouse does not appear on the scheduled hearing, it is automatically assumed that he or she “agrees” on the terms. If ever you encounter these kinds of situations, you can seek advice from the best divorce lawyers near you.

What if your spouse does not want a divorce after all?

You have your mind set already for a divorce. However, your spouse thinks otherwise. It can be stressful on your part. But the decision should be made as soon as possible.

There may be reasons why your spouse does not want a divorce. For one, it may be because he or she still believes in your marriage. Or probably because he or she does not want to undergo the stressful process of divorce. Whichever is the case, it may be a good idea to talk to your spouse about it.

Perhaps both of you can consider marriage counseling in hopes of saving your relationship. More often than not, divorces end up in a bitter battle between the couple. That is why it is important to consider the implications of divorce before giving a final answer.

Is this really the end?

You may find yourself asking this question. To answer that, there are some factors you need to consider before deciding on divorce. Nonetheless, divorce is a heavy decision one may have to make.

In choosing divorce, one should be aware of its implications. It can be a tedious, stressful, and a very long process. But sometimes, it may be the only choice for the sake of everyone’s peace of mind and well-being.

Look for top rated divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA for any concerns regarding the divorce process.

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Will Marriage Counseling Save Your Marriage?

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. A married couple would experience misunderstandings, but it doesn’t mean you won’t do anything about it. Instead, you should solve your issues as a couple and ensure that your marriage will be as strong as ever. However, not all end up happily ever after and even call up divorce lawyers to end their relationship.

If you think your marriage is on the rocks, you should settle it together and save your marriage. Otherwise, unresolved differences can lead to divorce. In such cases, you should hire top rated divorce lawyers to settle everything before you part away from each other for good.

But a struggling marriage should not always end up in divorce. One option is seeking a marriage counselor. There are many factors that can lead to divorce. Marriage counseling will identify these factors and find ways to get to the root of the problem. From there, the problem will be addressed and the marriage can be saved.

Factors that can lead to divorce

Among common factors that cause misunderstandings among couples and can lead to divorce include:

  • Marrying at an early age
  • Unfinished schooling
  • Financial status
  • Conflicts in religious beliefs
  • Family problems (ex. Divorced parents)
  • Frequent disagreements
  • Lack of love and intimacy
  • Domestic violence/addiction/infidelity

If you experience at least one of these factors, your marriage is most likely prone to divorce. However, it does not mean that your marriage will inevitably end up in divorce. Rather, these should motivate you to work harder on your relationship. That said, a marriage counselor can help you solve those conflicts.

What to consider when you decide for divorce

Divorces can be a stressful event. It has been a common thing and affects both famous celebrities and average citizens alike. In fact, it is said that around half of US marriages end up in divorce. If you have marital problems, you can choose not to be part of this statistic.

When you decide to consult family lawyers, it should not be done out of anger. Deciding on divorce is a heavy decision. For financial support following the divorce, you should consult spousal support lawyers. On the other hand, child support lawyers will guide you on settling your child custody concerns.

Hiring professional lawyers can help deal with the divorce. But expect the entire process to be long, stressful, and tedious. A lot of couples think this the only solution both for their peace of mind. Before deciding for divorce, you should ask these important questions first:

Have we tried different ways to save the relationship?

There are different ways that can help save your marriage. These include:

  • Improving communication
  • Seeking guidance from trusted people (ex. Therapist, counselor, pastors, elders, etc.)
  • Identifying the root cause of the marital problems
  • Determining whether your problem can be solved by counseling or through a divorce

How is my safety?

According to a report by the American Bar Association, a divorce can result in an increase in violence. More so, it can intensify if your reason for divorce is due to domestic violence. In such cases, you should consult divorce lawyers so you will be protected against further violence.

Have I consulted a lawyer?

Consulting top rated divorce lawyers is important when dealing with a divorce. For one thing, going through a divorce can be complicated and can be a long process. You should both consider other things aside from your personal well-being. This includes asset distribution, child custody, spousal support, and more.

Can marriage counseling work?

Meanwhile, some couples consider undergoing marriage counseling first to save their marriage. Some think marriage counseling does not work and the couple will end up divorcing anyway. Still, it can be a good decision to consider counseling and decide whether to continue the divorce or not.

Apparently, marriage counseling can work more on couples who:

  • Are willing to save their relationship
  • Are open to adjustments and changes
  • Are young and are able to detect early the urgent need for counseling
  • Still love each other deep inside

On the other hand, marriage counseling may not work for couples whose minds are already closed to the idea of a reconciliation. It may not also be possible if one of the spouses is not willing to cooperate.

Should you stay or move on?

Deciding on divorce is a major decision in your married life. Sometimes, divorce can be the only solution for couples who aren’t planning to reconcile. But some couples want to give their relationship another chance and opt for counseling. Consult the best divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA today and decide what’s the best choice for you.

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Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

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Every child wants to have a complete and happy family. Childhood is an important phase in a person’s life because it will largely influence his or her adult life. However, not all children have complete families. For one, a lot of these families have to consult child support lawyers to settle their child visitation and financial support issues.

Living in an “incomplete” family can be hard for a child. It can affect his or her well-being and even bring along some of that resentment in adulthood. Their situation can also be burdensome for parents and seeing how it has affected their children. Divorce may be the better solution and consulting the best divorce lawyers is the first step towards that peace of mind.

But how will the child fare about this kind of domestic situation? Can he or she choose which parent to live with? If not, what can be the best arrangement that will benefit all parties?

Can a child choose where to live?

If the child is a minor (below 18 years old), he or she cannot legally choose which parent to live with. Many parents think that their children can have the legal right to choose where to live, even if they’re only 14 or 15. They are still considered not of legal age.

The decision will be based on the parent’s capability to raise the child responsibly in all aspects. But the court can still consider the child’s concern. In the end, the court will have the power to decide as long as it deemed for the child’s best interest. Family lawyers can also help make a sound parenting plan for your children.

But to make a parenting plan work, both parents should settle their difference for their child’s sake. They can undergo counseling or consulting health personnel to make the adjustment period less stressful for both parties.

Parents may do everything to influence their children to side with them. On the other hand, it can cause stress on the child and create guilt for the other parent the child won’t choose. However, this should not be the case. Rather, it is important to make decisions for the child and not for your own benefit.

Defining child custody

Child custody is defined as a parent or a guardian’s legal right to take care of a child in all aspects of his or her life. The parent or guardian is given legal rights to make decisions that will deem beneficial for the child’s welfare. This includes giving the child a safe home to live in and given financial and emotional support.

Under legal custody, the parent or legal guardian can make decisions for the child (below 18). This includes the child’s educational, medical, religious, and other aspects of his or her life.

Meanwhile, physical custody refers to the child’s living arrangements and who takes care of him/her. Some parents are given joint custody over their children. Sometimes, the court grants custody to only one parent.

However, it depends on the circumstances. It depends on the parent’s financial, mental, and emotional capabilities to raise the child. In other words, the court will decide what it deems to serve the child’s best interest. Family lawyers will help you settle issues with child welfare and other arrangements following the divorce.

Sole vs. shared custody

Speaking of custody, it has two types – sole and shared. Divorce lawyers can help you understand how it works and how it can affect your family arrangement.

Sole custody refers both to physical and legal custody over the child. It will be decided by the court, which means the decision is already final. It also means that the sole custodian will be mainly responsible in deciding for the child’s welfare without consulting the other parent. However, the other parent can still see the child and provide support depending on the court’s decision.

On the other hand, joint or shared custody is when both parents are awarded custody over their child. Both parents will also have responsibility for the child’s physical and legal welfare. Child support lawyers will help you create a parenting plan, and then will agreed upon as per court’s decision.

Let the best legal professionals help you

For your legal concerns, you can find top rated divorce lawyers to assist you. Contact a family lawyer in Alexandria VA today for a free consultation.

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