On-the-Rock Marriages May Lead to Divorce

Divorce is a sensitive matter to discuss. And it takes a lot of time for you to be able to decide and to come to a conclusion that you should get a divorce. If the marriage is on the rocks, some couple ends up filing for a divorce. There are a lot of reasons why a marriage is on the rocks. And before filing a divorce, you should better consult a divorce lawyer for advice. Or maybe you can still fix things and be able to save the marriage. No matter how far it will go, you still need to have an appointment with a lawyer to get things cleared.

Here are the common reasons why the marriage will end up on the “Rocks”

Lack of communication

We all know that communication is the key to keep the relationship alive. No matter what kind of relationship that is, a constant exchange of information is needed. This is to make sure that both parties are aware of what is going on about the status and the standing of their relationship. But if this is being stopped or inconsistency of communication, it can ruin the relationship and the connection between two parties. Listening to one another can help each other discover whatever trouble is going on. There are different kinds of therapies and activities for couples in order to fix the marriage. But if communication is absent, this will lead to the “on-the-rocks” kind of a marriage.

Disrespect of ideas

Disrespecting of ideas is the opposition of the “Lack of Communication” section. Because this is where the couples still communicate but no longer accept the idea of one another. Constant disagreement is not healthy in a relationship. It can ruin the psychological state of a certain person. If one discriminates or disrespects the idea of the other, the after effect of the way he or she thinks will change.

Lack of physical presence

Marriage is entering a life pact where you promised to stand by your partner’s side until the day you die. But if the partner is constantly absent, what is the point of being married? Lack of physical presence can ruin the bond and can contribute to the reason why a married couple will end up on the “rocks”. Sometimes spending too much time with friends and work can ruin the relationship you have with your husband or wife. And losing the connection between a married couple is alarming. Being away from the family or your marriage will always build a gap between a relationship. It is difficult for it to be fixed because the other half is constantly absent. And this can result to lack of physical affection that can also affect the relationship.


Self-doubt often occurs during the latter part of the marriage. When one questions himself or herself if he or she really married “the one” for them. This also happens if the feeling for one another already fades away. Once the feelings have changed, the attitude towards each other will also change. The way you treat one another is no longer the same as it used to be.

Lack of motivation in fixing the marriage

It is common that each person is already fed up with a certain something. But when it comes to marriage, there are a lot of ways in order to save and fix the marriage. It takes a lot of motivation in order for the marriage to be saved. But if one is already tired and doesn’t have any motivation anymore, this can be a problem. There are couples who will even undergo couple’s therapy and couple’s retreat. This is to make sure that they still have that spark between them. But there are some cases where both parties are no longer interested with one another and this can lead to a shaky marriage.

Getting married is easy. But keeping the marriage alive is a lifetime challenge. And if you think that you need to get a divorce, always consult a family lawyer or the best divorce lawyer Alexandria VA. This is to asses if your reason for filing a divorce is valid. You can’t instantly file a divorce if you have a slight misunderstanding with your significant other. There are some grounds that you need to look up in order for you to be able to file for a divorce.

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