Is an Amicable Divorce Possible?


There are many reasons why couples divorce, among which the most common ones include money matters and infidelity. More often than not, these kinds of divorce can be a messy and even an emotional moment for the (soon-to-be-ex) couple. Hiring divorce lawyers at this point can be helpful to guide them through the entire divorce process.

However, not all divorces are due to financial issues or a cheating spouse. There are times wherein a couple realizes that love has gone and that they are better off leaving the marriage. Regardless of their reasons, divorce is something that all couples would never dream of happening ever in their entire married life. Yet, it still does happen in the least unexpected of times.

Amicable divorce: Is it possible?

A divorce can be more complicated if there are assets and properties and children involved. For one thing, it is recommended to consult child support lawyers to deal with matters related to child custody and financial support. If there are millions worth of properties and assets involved, you should hire high-asset lawyers to handle the case.

Despite all of these concerns, divorce can take a toll on the couple emotionally. As much as it may hurt, the decision should be made for everyone’s peace of mind. But with all the possible impact on the couple due to the impending divorce, the question remains:  it is possible to have an amicable divorce?

The truth about an amicable divorce

For the record, an amicable divorce is not in any way a jovial affair. As mentioned, divorce can be a mix of anger, sadness, anxiety, and other feelings but joy. For some, it can be a relief to be out from a toxic relationship; but having disputes over child support and asset and property distributions involved, it is another story.

While dealing with a divorce can be stressful, it is still possible to have an amicable divorce. However, this does not mean you have to feign cordiality with your ex-spouse while the divorce is ongoing. You also don’t have to force yourself to be friends with your ex-spouse after the divorce.  Simply put, an amicable divorce should be one that aims each spouse to be treated with dignity despite obvious conflict going on between the couple.

How to work for an amicable divorce

Working towards an amicable divorce can be hard – at least in the emotional aspect of it. You can hire the best divorce lawyers to ease the burden of dealing with a divorce. Consulting family lawyers is also one way to understand what you should expect of this life-changing decision that is divorce. Here are some ways to ease that emotional burden of undergoing a divorce.

Avoid the blame game.

Couples do not think about getting married only to divorce years later. But at some point, many of them do divorce in the end due to whatever reason they have. However, never blame your spouse or anyone else with the divorce. No one ever wanted it – it simply did not work and it’s better to move on, period.

Consider other people’s feelings, too.

In case you do not realize yet, you are not the only one who is affected by the divorce. Your spouse, children, and even your family will be affected, too. At some point, everyone around you will feel the impact of the divorce between you and your spouse. But you should also consider what they’re going through, too – compassion and empathy are the keys.

Be good to yourself.

Again, what happened is not your fault. No one wanted this to happen, but here you are and you have to deal with it. But this does not mean you have no right to move on and enjoy life. Turn to your friends, family, and your children and spend more time with them. Rediscover your past hobbies and learn the new things you’ve wanted to try for the longest time. Condition yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Remember, there is more to life than dwelling on your broken marriage.

Moving on after a divorce

Divorce is not a happy affair in life, to begin with. Also, this should not trigger ill feelings towards your ex-spouse. Most likely he or she is feeling the same as you are. After all, no one wants to end up divorced after years of blissful marriage.

But if divorce is the only solution, hiring divorce lawyers to help you with the divorce process is highly-recommended. Contact top rated divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA today for more details.

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