How Much Will It Cost to Get A Divorce?

A lot of couples dream of having a happy family and live in a nice house in a friendly neighborhood. Unfortunately, not all dreams end up happily. While couples do have their issues as part of their married life, some of them end up calling it quits – for good. This is why divorce lawyers are very much common in many countries around the world.

Divorce rates have risen up over the years. Even famous celebrity couples end up on the road to divorce after a few years of marriage. Divorce can be a messy thing to deal with, and it’s not a joke because it can be costly. But the question is this: how much does it really cost to get a divorce?

What to consider when getting a divorce

Divorce costs may vary depending on several factors including the area where the divorce will be filed, child custody, property settlement, and other issues. There are also different types of divorce, in which the rates also vary as well depending on the situation.

Aside from the divorce cost itself, you should also be aware of attorney fees for child support lawyersspousal support lawyers, and the like. For one thing, divorce attorneys charge differently per hour. Of course, top rated divorce lawyers may charge you higher than other lawyers. If you are contemplating filing a divorce, read on for more information about the price of divorce.

Divorce Attorney Rates

While some prefer to process their divorce papers by themselves, many people still opt to hire the best divorce lawyers in their area. You may feel somewhat at ease because you get at least the lawyer’s guidance on the entire divorce process. However, a lot of people are not really sure whether they are paying the right price for the attorney’s services.

According to research, an attorney’s hourly rate may range as low as $50 to as much as $600 and above. The rate depends on the different types of services provided by your attorney. Some attorneys handle all of the issues involved in the divorce case, while others may handle only certain aspects of the divorce or provided only legal advice for the client.

Types of Divorce

There are different types of divorce, and here are some of them:

  1. Divorce Mediation

Unlike traditional divorce, divorce mediation is considered less expensive. It involves getting help from a (neutral) mediator instead of paying two lawyers so that the case will proceed. The divorce mediator may also be responsible for drafting the divorce paper works.

Divorce mediation may cost around $3,000 depending on your location and the mediator’s rate. In some cases, divorce mediations may not work, and so the ex-couple may still end up hiring their own lawyers for their divorce.

  1. Contested Divorce

This occurs when one party does not agree with the other one, such as child custody. In such a case, child support lawyers may charge around $200 to as much as $500 or more per hour. However, the rates may increase depending on the time needed by the lawyers to come up with an agreement between both parties. That said, divorce rates may cost less the sooner it is settled before the trial.

  1. Uncontested Divorce

This is in contrast with contested divorce – the ex-couple has already arrived at agreements on their issues before proceeding with the divorce. It usually takes less time to settle, hence this kind of divorce is less expensive than the other one. However, both parties need to have their own respective lawyers to represent them during the case. All the same, they need to pay for the attorney fees – which may vary depending on the lawyer’s experience and the case situation.

  1. DIY (Do-it-yourself) Divorce

In some areas, ex-couples can take care of the paper works themselves especially if they don’t have children yet. However, this is not advisable by legal experts. You may end up spending as much as thousands of dollars, especially if both of you are not really knowledgeable with the divorce process.

What is the usual duration of a divorce case?

On average, a divorce case may complete within or more than a year, depending on the complexity of the case. Some have expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction after the results of the trial came out. Unfortunately, this is common especially if the case dragged on for more than a year.

Indeed, divorce can be costly. But sometimes, it may be a necessary thing to do especially if push comes to shove. To help you with your divorce predicament, seek advice from the best divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA.

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