Family Divorce: Psychological Effect on Children

When it comes to divorce, it is not just a battle between the couple. But it is also a battle that a child will face. There are a lot of children who are affected by the divorce of their parents. Each age has a different effect depending on the situation of the divorce and the reason for the divorce. Child support lawyers are always there to help manage the situation. Lawyers are also there in fighting for the child custody. Determining to whom will the child go after the process of the divorce.  But there is another problem that the separated couple must face. The psychological effect of their child during and after the divorce.

Here are the common effects on children after the divorce.

Young children

There are a lot of cases where the parents of young children get a divorce. This is mostly because of early pregnancy or incompatibility of the couple. Children who are at the age of four and up get confused. They often get confused why their parents are not in one house. And why they have to go to the house of their mom or dad every week. The reason why they often get confused at this age is that this is the stage where they get to learn a lot of things from school or from their elders. Curiosity strikes often at this age where an average four-year-old asks around fifty questions a day. And if they are in the situation where their parents are divorced, they will surely question why they don’t live together or why they have a different family.


Psychological effects on a teenager are different from a young child. They grew up with their parents together and a sudden divorce may affect their way of thinking. Most especially the reason for the divorce. Teenagers often think that they are the reason for the divorce of their parents. And sometimes they think that they did something wrong that ruined the marriage. Teenagers are the most difficult to handle. Becuase they are still confused on what is going on. And they often put the blame on themselves as the root cause of their parents’ divorce. They are even favorable with their mom than their dad or with their dad than their mom. This depends on which side they are close to.

Young Adults

Although young adults are already of the right age, they are still affected by their parent’s divorce. As they enter college, their academic performance may be affected because of the divorce of their parents. They often suffer from anxiety and depression. And their future is also usually on the rocks. Most especially if this young adult is close to their mom or dad. Stress is also normal when their parents are going through a divorce. The way they interact with the society will also change. Divorce is harder to handle for these young adults. They are about to enter the real world And the proper guidance from both of their parents is a must. But if they are about to separate, things will change. Aside from the change of environment, they have to adapt to the new daily routine that they have to live.

Pressure is always on for whoever is undergoing a divorce. But children are the ones who are greatly affected by the divorce. They have to wait on what the court decides where they will go after the divorce. This is for children below 18 years old. And for the young adults, they have to talk with a psychologist to help them in this kind of a situation.

Family lawyers Alexandria VA can help you arrange the necessary things that your children need before, during and after the divorce. It is very common that both parents fight over the child custody. But it is always up to the court to decide on where the child will go. There are different kinds of divorce laws for every state. Hiring the best lawyer will make everything easier for you. And it will also help the psychological state of your children if you slowly explain to them what is going to happen.

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