Common Causes of Divorce

Problems and misunderstandings are a normal occurrence in a marriage. There may be some arguments and shouting matches. While some couples eventually learn to resolve their differences, some couples choose to end things between them for good. In the end, the couple would hire divorce lawyers to nullify their marriage and move on with their separate lives.

Undergoing a divorce process can be one of the most stressful parts of your life. It may be a hard decision to begin with, but it may be for the best of both parties. But somehow, divorce lawyers can help lessen the burden of dealing with divorce. Nonetheless, the divorce process can be a long and winding road for both parties.

Reasons why people divorce

Most people think that the main culprit behind divorce cases is infidelity. While this is true, this is not the only reason why marriages end up in divorce. Here are other reasons for divorce:

  1. Getting married for the wrong reasons

For example, an individual chose to marry another because of the other half’s stable financial status. On the other hand, the woman got accidentally pregnant and so the couple chose to marry to save face. Remember that you marry the other person because you love him/her and you want to spend a lifetime together.

  1. “Irreconcilable differences”

You may have heard this common reason for divorce. This is because the separating couple seems to have different goals in their lives and refuse to meet halfway. If this continues, it can lead to constant misunderstandings that are unhealthy in a marriage.

  1. Lack of intimacy

Sex spices up a marriage. Without it, the marriage may become stale and can affect the couple’s love bank. Due to the lack of intimacy, the spouse may feel unloved and neglected, which can lead to divorce.

  1. Financial issues

This is a major deal breaker for divorce. Couples should mutually agree on how they will handle their finances. However, if one of them is financially-irresponsible, then the problem begins. It can be more complicated if the spouse is financially dependent on the other. In such cases, hiring spousal support lawyers can help.

  1. Marital abuse

Abuse can be a breaking point in deciding to file a divorce. After all, it’s your overall safety that is hanging on the line. The situation may be more complicated if you have children. In such cases, you should seek legal assistance from child support lawyers.

Factors with high risk for divorce

There are different factors that put couples at high risk for divorcing too soon. Among these may include:

  • Lack of education
  • Unstable source of income
  • Marrying at a very young age/living-in before marriage
  • Divorced parents/dysfunctional family

Aside from the above factors, couples with no concrete goals for their future may also lead to divorce. Some couples think getting married is a fancy way of having their “happily ever after”. However, it is just the beginning of their journey of ups and downs as a married couple.

It is true that you will only get to know the person you married once you live together under one roof. You will eventually discover his/her quirks which you may either find annoying or endearing.

Unfortunately, some couples do not meet each other’s expectations. Arguments ensue, and then some more. In the end, these couples choose divorce as a way out of their marriage.

How common is divorce?

In the US, it is said that more than half of all marriages end up in divorce. Apparently, some ex-couples opted for divorce, both for their own food. However, part of them also said they wished they have tried harder to save their marriage. Regardless of the reasons, divorce seems to be a common thing not only in the US but in many parts of the world.

According to statistics, about half of first marriages will most likely end up in divorce or separation. On the other hand, around 60 to 65 percent of individuals married for the second time will also end up divorcing their spouses. Divorce cases were said to have reached its peak during the 1970’s until the 1980’s. No wonder family lawyers and top rated divorce lawyers have been busy handling divorce cases during that time.

Sound legal advice from the experts

Divorce may be the last thing couples want to happen. But if the inevitable happens, you can consult top rated divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA. Contact one today for free legal consultation.

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