Child Support Lawyer: Everything You Need To Know About Child Support

child support lawyer

Divorce is a difficult time for any family. Often times, it is vitriolic and messy. If children are involved in the divorce process, the spouses should agree on child custody. This is the amount of money that is meant to facilitate the upkeep of the children.

Children supported after divorce

All dependent children are legally entitled to be supported by both parents. Usually, this arrangement is mandated by the court as part of the divorce settlements. In the majority of the cases, the judge presiding over the case has the ultimate authority in deciding who pays the child support, who gets custody of the children, and how much child support needs to be paid. The decision solely depends on the spouse earning more money. You should work with your child support lawyer and convince the court the amount of money that you will be able to pay to support your children.

What happens in times of solo child custody

If one party gets custody of the child after divorce, he or she is responsible for the day to day and other expenses of the child. In many cases, this can be burdensome especially if the spouse doesn’t have a stable source of income. So, the judge orders the other party to send monthly checks to the custodian to support the expenses of the child.

Understanding when child support ends

Child support is a constant feature until the child reaches the maturity age, usually 18. There are exceptions to this statute. If the child is 16 and emancipated or voluntarily withdraws from the program, the child support can be stopped. The child support can be extended beyond 18 years in case the child is going to college full-time and is unable to support himself during that time. In cases of disability or illness, this support might be extended further at the discretion of the judge.

How to pay child support

Usually, the arrangements are mutually arranged between the two parties. To avoid long court battles and ensure that your children are stable, you and your spouse should get a family lawyer and agree on the amount that each of you will contribute to the upkeep of your children.


This is what you need to know about child support. It’s recommended that you start the negotiations with your divorce lawyer before you make the decision of heading to the courts. This is to avoid the stress, time, and shame that comes with solving your issues in public.

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