All About Legal Separation Agreements

legal separation agreements

If you are thinking of divorcing their partner, it is important you understand what legal separation agreements are. It is a document that shows that couples have agreed to live separately. One thing that makes a legal separation agreement important is that both parties have to consent to its terms before it is signed. You need to do a number of things when going through the process.

Go through an arbitration process

Mediation is not done to have the parties reconcile. It should help couples who want to separate and settle their disputes that may exist in deciding key issues in their lives. You should find a mediator who should be neutral.  The main role of the mediator is to have both terms cooperate and agree on their mutual arrangements that they should stick to.

Mediation is considered confidential no party should be in communication with the mediator before you both agree. Mediation can be long or short depending on the complexity of the issues that you are discussing. Once the separation agreement is signed, it becomes a binding contract between the two parties. Matters such as division of property, child custody, and their support are usually included in the agreement.

Find legal advice

When you decide to split, it is important that you consult a divorce lawyer. Legal advice is more important when there are children and property involved. The professional will guide you on child custody, child support and other issues. When the process of finding legal advice succeeds, both parties will have responsibilities to attend to. If you don’t like using a family lawyer, you can use a solicitor instead. If you decide to have your negotiations through a solicitor, each party must have its solicitor. Having solicitors ensures that you receive independent legal advice.

Deed of separation

When you reach an agreement, deed of separation is then drawn up, and both of you should sign it. For the agreement to be binding both of you should agree to live separately. Inside the document, there should be an agreement on child custody, occupation, and ownership of any property you both have.


The only time to use a separation agreement is when two parties decide to live as a separate entity. The document gives you time to think whether you would want to continue with the relationship or go ahead and file for divorce. To have an easy time filing the document you should work closely with experienced alimony attorneys and other professionals.

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