Alimony Attorneys: Understanding Alimony Modification

alimony attorneys

The cool thing with alimony is that you can modify it if need be. All you need to do is work with your alimony attorneys who will guide you through the way.

Reasons to request alimony modification

There are many reasons that can trigger you to request for an alimony modification. Some of these reasons include:

Agreement: If you find that your spouse is struggling to make ends meet or you feel that the amount you are receiving is too much or too little, you can agree to modify the terms of your agreement. You can make the modifications on your own without requiring the approval of the court but to make the agreement legal, it’s always wise to have it signed by a judge. The signing also protects you in the event your former spouse refutes it.

Change of circumstances: Life can change any time either for the good or bad. One of the changes that you can have is your spouse earning more or less than before. If your former spouse is earning more now, you can adjust the alimony payments so that you can be paying less. If on the other hand your spouse has lost a job or is earning less, you may have to adjust your payments upwards.

Another change you can have is cohabitation. It’s common for divorcees to move in with other people especially when there are no children involved. If your former spouse has moved in with the boyfriend or girlfriend, the court assumes that they don’t require alimony. You should move quickly with your family lawyer and file for the modification. You can also reach out to your spouse and agree on a modification without involving the court.

Your spouse can also suffer from disability either due to an accident or medical condition. Due to this he/she may not be able to work thus you have to increase your alimony payment so that they can maintain their former lifestyle.

How to file for alimony modification

To make the process easy and less expensive it’s always wise for you to agree with your former spouse on the modifications. If your spouse refuses to make the adjustments and yet you have solid reasons why there should be modifications, you should move to court with your divorce lawyer and obtain the necessary papers that allow you to request for the modification. After filing the case you should serve your former spouse with the petition and he/she will have a certain number of days to file a response.

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