Alimony Attorneys: Golden Alimony Tips

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Alimony also called spousal support, is a legal order on one spouse to provide financial support to the other spouse after, or before a divorce or physical separation. You should work closely with your spousal support lawyer and settle on the best support amount for you.

Up to the early 1970s, alimony applied to the ex-wife, but to uphold gender equality divorce laws have changed to accommodate alimony for ex-husbands. Whether you are considering getting alimony from your spouse after divorce proceedings or are looking for reasons not to pay alimony, the following tips should help.

Consider the type of alimony that you want

First, consider whether you are eligible for alimony from your spouse. You are entitled to alimony if you cannot afford the lifestyle you maintained when you were married. There are four types of alimony;

Temporary alimony: This is alimony given when the parties are physically separated during the divorce process.

Rehabilitative alimony: This alimony granted to the financially lesser spouse. It’s given for a specified amount of time. Usually, until the partner attains financial stability.

Permanent alimony: The alimony is awarded to the financially lesser spouse until the spouse dies or remarries.

Reimbursement alimony: This kind of alimony is granted as reimbursement for expenses incurred during marriage such as educational expenses.

Your divorce lawyer will advise you on the type of maintenance that is best for you.

Determine the alimony amount that you need

You need to prepare a personal budget of all your monthly expenses to present to the judge. In the budget be as detailed as possible. However, do not exaggerate the costs. Also, consider your future expenses as you will no longer be living with your spouse. The best approach is to hire a professional forensic accountant to determine your expenses.

Negotiate alimony first with your spouse

Settling the alimony agreement out of court may be the best option for the both of you. Before taking spousal maintenance to court, ask your lawyer to prepare an offer to the other party. Negotiating before taking the matter to court will speed up the process thus your divorce process takes a short time. Negotiations are also less stressful and emotional compared to the court battles. You should work with your family lawyer and negotiate until you reach a favorable amount.


These are the divorce tips that you need to consider when determining the amount of spousal support that you need. If there are kids involved in the divorce process don’t forget about. Work with a child support lawyer and settle on an amount that is ideal for them too.

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